ELECTRICJEZUS - Грязь поколений

Electricjezus are a Russian duo and Грязь поколений ("Mud of Generations") is their debut album. Recorded live using only analog equipment it sounds old school as hell. Old Venom or Hellhammer were what came to mind when I listened to it first.
But there's more to it: The album title can be understood as a metaphor for the band's influences combining the dirtiest variations of the last three decades of metal to one filthy bastard of (mostly) downtempo noise.
Using samples from more or less popular horror movies to connect the songs this- to quote the band- "rusty, damp and dirty" album is every bit as raw and heavy as we need this music to be. An awesome nod to the old school without sounding outdatet!
The release of a limited edition of vinyl is planned, until then you can download Грязь поколений at a price you name on bandcamp.