MORTALS - Death Ritual

Wow, this is killing me!
Death Ritual is the fourth release by Brooklyn based trio MORTALS and it is kicking some serious ass. Widening the scope of their influences the three ladies combine the aggressive stamping rhythms of drone and sludge with the fast forward heavyness of black and death metal. The result is a breathtaking ride to hell and back.
And the sound is deep and heavy as fuck! Droning, but crystal clear. Giving the two songs the pressure they need without sounding over-produced. Freakin' insane!
If you like heavy music, please support this incredible band and buy Death Ritual on their bandcamp. You won't regret it.


EMPLOYED TO SERVE - Counting Crows

Last year's EP Long Time Dead was one of my favorite releases in 2012. So, obviously, I was looking forward to this new output of Justine Jones and Sammy Urwin aka Employed To Serve.

And I wasn't dissappointed: A short guitar feedback initiates the tour de farce that is Counting Crows. The british duo start bulldozing full speed ahead. A turn left. A graveled path. Slow and painful. Short turn right. Back to speed, but not for long. Slam on the brakes. Another hard turn. Struggle through a hedge of thorns. Screaming in pain, getting more rabid the longer it takes. A short cry for help, almost giving up. Almost! Clearance with the last ounce of strength.

Counting Crows is what I was hoping for, with one blemish: Clocking in at 8 minutes it's way too short. But I figure ETS are already writing new songs for upcoming releases. Let's hope they keep them coming.

You can download Counting Crows at a price you name at ETS's Bandcamp.