More than just blurry pixels

Have you ever tried to take some decent pictures with your cellphone? On a metal concert? In the middle of a huge moshpit? That's what I do sometimes. It's not too easy to concentrate on that little screen being jostled around. But by pure accident some of these snapshots are more than just blurry pixels. These are the ones you can see on my flickr page:

There is a first album I added just today ("We don't care what you say"), the picture were taken in March'11 at an OVERKILL gig here in Frankfurt. Maybe you can enjoy some of those.

I have some more somewhere on my harddrive, I'll add them as soon as I find them.



Jeez, it's freakin hard to find a catchy name for a blog that isn't already taken. Nothing I could think of was available anymore.
Anyway, the other day I was listening to one of my favourite records of the last year: "Spiral Shadow" by KYLESA. (If you haven't heard that one yet do it now, it's awesome) and that was it- a very cool name that was available. First steps done, now let's get blogging.