EPICEDIUM - Anthropogenic

Album number 5 in their 15 years history was recorded with a new vocalist and a youngster behind the drum kit. There's a little more variety speedwise and a couple more melodic leads on this than on any of their older releases, but this output is still an ass-kicking piece of hyperblast death metal.

Like Cannibal Corpse? Don't mind triggered drums? Dig singers who just grunt vowels instead of whole words? You better give these guys from Frankfurt, Germany a chance.

You can order "Anthropogenic" here




NADIR was originally released 1994 as a tape that Sludge Nomads JUCIFER recorded on a 4 tracker in a termite infested bedroom with broken windows. Scott Hull remastered these five raw diamonds for a digital re-release on Grindcore Karaoke, (where you can of course download it for free.)

Raw distorted doom sounds with a hypnotic voice that do not sound outdated, but just really intense and highly addictive. Or, as JUCIFER describe their work on Twitter, "two person sonic destruction since 1993. 80 speakers + 6,500 watts can't be wrong."  Hell yeah!