CALL OF THE VOID - Dragged Down A Dead End Path

"Dragged Down A Dead End Path" received some pretty bad reviews in the print zines I am reading. Good thing a friend recommended it to me before I read them. Maybe otherwise I'd have missed this record and that would be a shame.
"DDADEP" does not take any prisoners. The first 45 seconds of "Failure" are somewhat of an intro after which all hell breaks lose! Pure grinding fastcore keeping the energy level permanently on the verge to pure frenzy even when for a short moment the gas-pedal isn't floored. The sound is raw and dirty giving all those sterile triggered copy-and-paste bands the finger!
"Dragged Down..." may not be the most original record of the year but it is sure as hell one of the most intense. You can listen to and order it on COTV's bandcamp.