WAKE - False

"We do not have much hope for people [...]!" is what WAKE stated in a recent interview with Decibel Magazine. Listening to their latest record that's not hard to believe. With a sound that is way dirtier than on their last full length  WAKE color their grind black. Noisy disharmonies, guitar feedbacks and tons of distortion make the Calgary four-piece sound beyond pissed, screaming bloody murder towards a modern society that is drowning in its own overbearing way of life.
"False" is a 20 minute avalanche of hate combining the full speed frenzy of raw grind and the shattering despair of modern black metal. For me one of this year's must have albums in extreme music.
Handshake Inc. owner David Hall is making a film based on the album, you can watch the first clip that's based on the track "Rotten" here.

You can buy your vinyl copy via Handshake.Inc (US) or 7 Degrees Records (Germany). A downloadable version is available on Bandcamp.