The menacing pile of clouds on the cover gives a hint where this is going. Polaris is overrunning you like the unpredictable chaos of a vast yet fascinating thunderstorm.

Stripped naked to the bone with just one screaming Tenor Saxophone fighting against jittery drum attacks the record offers a reduced vision of the jazz grinding un-music that is the art of the Netherlands' finest. 

While the predecessor Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap was a dark monotonous colossus, Polaris is its nervous hyperactive antagonist. The Dead Neanderthals are uncoupling music from structure, shifting it further away from any restrictions that the seemingly reasonable combination of sound and rhythm might bring.

"Fuck conventions! Fuck expectations!" is what the dutch duo claim on their blog. And that is exactly what they do on Polaris, this scatterbrained yet strangely spellbinding monster of an album.

Polaris will be released in March via Utech Records.