CLOUD RAT - Moksha

You have propably read about this. Released in January "Moksha" had huge impact on the underground, everybody is celebrating it as a ground-breaking masterpiece. It is hard if not impossible to find even one single word that is not heaping a praise on it.

"Moksha" will be on most of the end of year lists, I am pretty sure it will be on mine, too. History is to decide about the long term impact but Cloud Rat have composed an album that has everything on board to make it a classic release that people will talk about for a long time. Harsh enough to blast everything to pieces it takes some melodic detours to keep it fresh and make you press the repeat button over and over again.

Why most of the well-known print zines are ignoring this incredible record is a mystery that I am too stupid to unravel. Luckily enough we don't need them, anyway.  Tell your friends about Cloud Rat, catch them on the road and buy their merch! Let's make this band as big as they deserve!

You can buy your vinyl copy via Halo Of Flies Records (US), 7 Degrees Records (Germany) or React with Protest Records (Germany). A downloadable version is available on