Live, Nov 02, 2012 (Gießen, Germany)

Due to endless rushhour traffic jams I unfortunately miss FUELED BY FIRE and arrive only just in time to see NILE play a furious set covering both older and newer material. The sound could be a little better and the band could be a little more enthusiastic on stage, nevertheless the Egyptologists blast their brutal technical Death Metal to the audience who are celebrating the band with some ruthless mosh pits.

MORBID ANGEL are next on stage and what a freaking blast it is to see these guys perform an old school set that makes you wet your pants. The performance is cool, the sound is exellent and the songs are nothing less than a lesson in how Death Metal has to be played! MORBID ANGEL's immortal rites make us fall from grace and during the 75 minute set we're all pulled under to where the slime live until we meet our gods of emptiness. Awesome show from Alpha to Omega!

After this morbid inferno the stage is covered behind a big curtain on which during the intro pictures from KREATOR's history are projected. When the curtain falls the band introduce us to the Phantom Antichrist as a start for a best-of show. A cool stage-setting and a lavish light show complete the band's ass-kicking performance and so, after raising the flag of hate with our tormentor, every single fan is leaving the arena already looking forward to the KREATOR's return! 

This is definitely one of the best line ups in extreme metal in the last years touring Europe for two months! If you have the opportunity to see these four bands somewhere, don't you dare miss it!