DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT - Superlove/Superfuck

A new release by the DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT. The last one, Krybbedod, was beyond creepy and the most excrutiating release this year so far. So why even bother and give this a shot? Because I refuse to wuss out!

And though this oddly named piece of sound is still noise and drums scrunched by distortion it seems more accessible than it's predecessor. The four tracks are blazing their trail to your brain to play catch with your mind. And, frankly, your mind will lose. A subtle illusion of structure that isn't there, the hunch of a melody that you didn't hear leaving you both stumped and inquiring at the same time, eager to unravel the sensations that pure noise is able to give you.

You ready for a game that you can't win? Download Superlove/Superfuck for free on the Architect's Bandcamp.