EMPLOYED TO SERVE - Change Nothing, Regret Everything

ETS were started as a two piece band. Justine Jones and Sammy Urwin just wanted to make some ugly noise and release some songs on the internet.
Luckily that changed. Last year they were looking for some people to complete the band on stage. And they are hell of a live band, the concert I saw during their European tour was really massive! If you have the opportunity go out and see them!
On this first release as a "real band"  ETS continue their ultra-aggressive approach to music: Tightly stuctured chaos with some weird breaks, insane riffs and hysterical shrieks. The songs may be a little catchier than before but that might just be me since I have listened to this a freaking lot. I guess it will be on my 2014 list.
And again I have only one thing to complain: Clocking in at 12 minutes this is way too short.
ETS want to release a full length in the end of 2014. Can't wait. Want more NOW!

You can stream Change Nothing, Regret Everything on ETS's Bandcamp or buy a vinyl version via Holy Roar Records.