HUNTRESS - Spell Eater

The biggest hype in metal this year so far: Fronted by Playboy model, high society DJ and trained opera singer Jill Janus just one video for Eight Of Swords was enough for the band to sign Naplam Records and release their debut album.

The frontwitch claims she's been a metal fan forever and always wanted to form a spiritual metal band while all that other stuff she did was just for financial reasons. I am not really buying that, but everybody has to decide for themselves.

BUT- there is just something about that album that keeps casting spells on me. I've been listening to Spell Eater a lot and there is something that I can't quite explain. Is it the slight Mercyful Fate vibe, the subtle black metal quotes, Jill's erratic voice that oscillates between nerve-racking shrieks and honeyed tones? I just don't know.

All I know is that I don't really want to like this album but somehow I can't help but do.